(FOX40.COM) — On Wednesday, the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office provided information on a suspected smuggling operation that was discovered at the Sacramento Main Jail.

According to Sacramento County Sheriff Jim Cooper, a medical assistant hired by California Correctional Health Care Services is suspected of smuggling in drugs, cellphones and other prohibited items into the jail.

Cooper said that following multiple overdoses at the jail, detectives were assigned to investigate the cause of these overdoses.

“Searching through jail phone logs, detectives learned several inmates throughout the facility were calling a number,” Cooper said.

Detectives also found video of the medical assistant providing an inmate with drugs during a medical visit.

The medical assistant was then found to have set up a meeting between a brother and sister outside of the jail on I Street.

Following the interaction, detectives waited for the medical assistant to enter the jail before she was detained and eventually arrested.

She was found with cocaine, a phone, a charging cable and “screwheads… to allow inmates to manipulate locks and manufacture weapons,” Cooper said.

Search warrants were then issued to the medical assistant’s suppliers. Cooper did not provide any details on how many suppliers the medical assistant was working with.