(KTXL) —- As summer nears, health officials are asking residents of Sacramento to do everything they can to protect themselves from mosquitoes. 

Earlier on Monday, the Sacramento-Yolo Mosquito and Vector Control District confirmed that the first mosquito sample of the season has tested positive for West Nile virus. 

District Manager Gary Goodman said in a statement, “As we expected, the very warm weather we’ve had recently increased the number of mosquitoes and accelerated virus activity.” 

“It’s important for residents to take these findings seriously and do everything they can to protect themselves,” Goodman’s statement continued.

In May, two birds collected near Florin Road in south Sacramento also tested positive for West Nile virus

There were 225 confirmed cases of the disease in California in 2022, including 15 deaths, according to the District. 

Goodman took the recent findings as an opportunity to remind the public that the best course of action against the West Nile virus is prevention. 

“Summer is around the corner, and as more people enjoy outdoor activities it’s important to remember that the best protection against mosquito bites is an effective insect repellent,” said Goodman. 

The District also said that other forms of prevention include reporting dead birds, neglected pools and other mosquito problems. 

In response to the findings in Sacramento County, the District said it will increase its mosquito trapping and monitoring in the area, which could also include targeted ground spraying. 

On its website, the District urges residents to remember and practice the “Seven D’s of mosquito prevention.” 

The Seven D’s of Mosquito Prevention

Drain any standing water that may produce mosquitos.

Dawn and Dusk are the times to avoid being outside. This is when mosquitoes are the most active.

Dress appropriately by wearing long sleeves and pants outdoors.

Defend yourself against mosquitoes by using effective repellents such as DEET, Picaridin, or oil of lemon eucalyptus. Make sure to follow label directions. 

Door and window screens should be in good working condition.

District personnel are available to address any mosquito problems or concerns by calling 1-800-429-1022.