NATOMAS, Calif. (KTXL) — The Natomas Unified School District announced on Wednesday that they will be covering the tab on application fees for high school seniors applying to UC and CSU campuses for fall 2023.

The school will pay for students’ first applications to a UC campus and CSU campus, according to the district’s announcement.

Applications cost $70 per campus and qualifying students will have the ability to save $140 in application fees.

If a student meets the eligibility requirements for admission to the UC and CSU systems, they can take advantage of the district program.

The district said that students who qualify for the UC/CSU waiver due to family income can still take advantage of the district’s program and apply to five UC and/or CSU campuses for no cost.

“We are extremely excited about this news,” the district wrote in their announcement. “Our high school counseling teams will be on hand to support seniors through this process, as well as filling out the Free Application for Student Aid, known as FAFSA.”