(KTXL) — Parking at the Sacramento International Airport will become slightly more expensive starting in 2023, the airport said

The pricing change will be for hourly parking, and it will increase from $29 to $30 per day. 

According to the airport, the change in price was done so it could continue to maintain and improve parking. There will be more price increases over the next few years after a vote from the Sacramento County Board of Supervisors in October. 

When rates reach their final price increase, this is what they’re expected to cost: 

  • Economy Lot: $13.50
  • Daily Lot: $15.75
  • Garage Lot: $23.50
  • Hourly Lot: $37.75

Travelers headed to the airport can check up-to-date parking availability through a tracker. It also has detailed information about the airport’s hourly, daily and economic parking options.