SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — A recent poll shows there is support around the Sacramento region for a tax increase that would fund more homeless services.

Sacramento State’s Institute for Social Research conducted the poll with about 1,950  residents living in Sacramento, Sutter, Yuba, Yolo, Placer and El Dorado counties. They were asked, “Would you support or oppose a tax increase to create permanent city and county initiatives to help individuals experiencing homelessness and reduce the homeless population?”

Just over 1,000 of the respondents said they supported the increase. 

“Across the region, 18 percent of respondents would ‘strongly’ support a tax increase to create permanent city and county initiatives to reduce the homeless population and an additional 37 percent would ‘somewhat’ support an increase,” the poll says.

The poll also showed a breakdown of the responses by political ideology. In total, 371 of those in the poll identified as conservative, 757 as moderate and 736 as progressive. 

For the question about the tax increase, 85 conservatives, 344 moderates and 586 progressives said they supported it.

The ISR also asked, “During the past six-months, how often have you seen encampments, vehicles that people are living in, and/or people who you believe are experiencing homelessness in your county?”

Across the region, 1,016 answered they see it “almost everyday”. The poll asked 1,172 Sacramento County residents, and 787 of them answered with “almost everyday.”

According to the poll, 1,120 respondents, however, believe providing services for people living in encampments should take priority instead of clearing out the camps. In Sacramento County, 689, 60%, respondents said services should take priority. 

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