(FOX40.COM) — Sacramento County Behavioral Health Services will be awarded more than $43 million in Behavioral Health Bridge Housing funds to support its​ continued efforts to address homelessness and improve the lives of individuals living with serious mental illness, officials say.

“Through the power of compassion and investment, the $43 million bridge housing award to Sacramento County is a significant step in transforming lives and communities,” says Sacramento County Behavioral Health Director Dr. Ryan Quist. “This funding will help behavioral health expand comprehensive bridge-housing supports for those in need.”

The award comes from the State Department of Health Care Services Behavioral Health Bridge Housing (BHBH) and will enable Sacramento County Behavioral Health Services (BHS) to expand interim housing by adding 110 beds across three Safe Stay communities, according to Sacramento County. The County-sanctioned bridge housing will provide individuals experiencing homelessness with a safe and supportive environment to stabilize their health and safety.

Sacramento County also reported that the funding will facilitate the development or renovation of shovel-ready projects for another 100 beds, including renovated hotels, board and care homes, and sober living facilities. The sites will offer on-site supportive services to help individuals transition towards permanent housing.

In addition, BHS will collaborate with various county agencies such as Primary Care for medical support, the Department of Human Assistance (DHA) for benefits, Managed Care Providers for Enhanced Care Management (ECM), and other to enhance the provision of services, according to Sacramento County. These collaborations ensure that individuals experiencing homelessness receive the necessary support and resources to improve their overall well-being.