(FOX40.COM) — Kudos were given to Safeway and the California Grocery Association from Sacramento County Sheriff Jim Cooper for “continuing to be active partners in the fight against retail theft.”

The praise on social media comes a few days after the sheriff made a series of posts about his frustrations with Target, Walgreens, and the California Retail Association for his perceived lack of cooperation in combatting shoplifting.

“Some large retailers, like Safeway and the CGA, are continuing to help in the fight to keep their communities and customers safe,” Cooper said on X. “It is amazing to see what can happen when businesses work hand in hand with law enforcement.”

Cooper reported that Safeway’s organized retail theft management team recently reached out to the sheriff’s property crimes detectives about ongoing theft issues at some of their Sacramento store locations.

“Detectives set up a shoplifting blitz operation, where Safeway loss prevention officers identified theft suspects who were then taken into custody by detectives and issued misdemeanor citations,” Cooper said. “

He added, “None of the suspects were homeless and indicated they simply didn’t think the theft was a big deal and that other people are stealing all of the time.”