SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — Sacramento County residents who lost food because of the storms may be eligible for Disaster Food Assistance through Disaster CalFresh.

People who do not receive Food Stamps and those who have already collected food stamps for the month could still be eligible.

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There are several requirements, but to begin, people must have experienced at least one of the following.

  • Loss of food as a result of the disaster
  • Spoiled food due to a power outage in the disaster area
  • Damage or destruction of your primary residence or self-employment business
  • Lost or inaccessible income from your employer who is in the disaster area
  • Inaccessible liquid resources
  • Disaster related expenses that are not reimbursed during the disaster period

According to CalFresh, applicants will also need to be interviewed and pass certain income and resource tests.

A pay stub copy, bills paid such as rent, utilities and childcare, and documents to prove the applicant’s identity will be needed for the application, as well.

It is possible to apply online at

The deadline to apply for Disaster CalFresh is Feb. 15, according to the CalWIN site.

Sacramento Food Bank and Family Services

The Sacramento Food Bank said anyone who wants more information or needs assistance can reach out to their CalFresh team at 916-925-3240 or