(FOX40.COM) — October is “Domestic Violence Awareness” month, and the city of Sacramento is working to bring help directly to the victims of domestic violence.

On Tuesday, the Sacramento County District Attorney’s office debuted a free app to help abuse victims find social services. 

District Attorney Thien Ho said, “From finding a shelter to finding information about their abuser, or the status of their case, or simply getting counseling.”

One of the most innovative and helpful tools on “GetHelpSac.org” is a feature that allows victims to track the criminal cases of their abuser.

“A victim of domestic violence can get onto this app and be able to find out if their abuser is in custody or out of custody, [even] their next court date,” the DA added. 

Ten digital billboards will advertise the new website across the Sacramento region. 

Advocates hope the signs will serve as a reminder of where abused people can turn to for help, and remind them they’re not alone. 

“Last year we prosecuted nearly 3,000 domestic violence cases, but to simply have this app and allow people to log on and get the help they need is a game changer,” Ho concluded.