(KTXL) — A Sacramento man was arrested after allegedly stealing a police “bait” item from a construction site in Folsom, according to the Folsom Police Department.

A string of thefts had been occurring at a construction site south of Highway 50 in Folsom over the last several weeks.

The Folsom Police Department deployed one of their GPS tracked “bait” items and early on Thursday morning an alert came through to police that it had been stolen.

The item was tracked westbound on Highway 50 until the suspect vehicle was located and stopped by law enforcement.

The driver, 41-year-old Benjamin Ritter, had a police scanner cellphone application running on his phone and learned that the item he stole was being tracked and threw it out of the vehicle before being stopped by police.

The “bait” was located on the roadside and several other suspected stolen items valued at about $27,000 were also found in Ritter’s vehicle.

Officer determined that the items in the truck were stolen from construction sites and were linked to at least two reported thefts.