(KTXL) — Those looking for online case information with the Sacramento Superior Court will no longer need to pay associated fees, according to Sacramento Courts.

“The Court intends to better serve the public by eliminating these fees and making it easier to access electronic court records,” Presiding Judge Michael G Bowman said.

Since 2014, the court’s website has charged those looking to search information by name and download documents. Fees will still be charged for in-person searches that take longer than 10 minutes.

“The court’s online public access website allows for case searches by name, case number and filing date,” the court wrote in a news release. “In Civil and Probate cases, users are able to view information about case participants, events and documents (when applicable). Other case types such as criminal, family law, small claims and unlawful detainer provide limited case information, primarily the case number date the was filed and the case participants.”