(KTXL) — Sacramento Metro Fire crews helped rescue six people on the American River who fell off of their paddleboards Sunday.

The rescue comes as emergency officials have asked the public to avoid entering the region’s waterways, especially rivers, because of the fast-moving waters.

Sunday’s rescue happened around 3 p.m. downstream of River Bend Park, between Carmichael and Rancho Cordova.

Metro Fire said that it received a report of six people who fell from their paddleboards, and a law enforcement helicopter was able to locate the victims.

Three people were able to make it to shore while another three were still in the water, all wearing life jackets, Metro Fire said.

Emergency crews picked up all six people and took them to the Harrington access with a boat, where they were released to Sacramento County Park Rangers.

None of the people had medical complaints or obvious injuries, Metro Fire said.

In recent weeks, officials throughout California have urged the public to stay out of the state’s rivers because of the rushing water due to the melting snowpack.

Officials advise that anyone entering the state’s waterways should always wear a life jacket, whether or not there is fast-moving water.