(KTXL) — Residents in the Sacramento area can expect more stormy weather this week after a short respite.

FOX40 meteorologist Adam Epstein said rain will continue today in some areas, though not as heavily as what will come later in the week.

Then on Wednesday in the afternoon and evening, the Sacramento area is likely to get significant downpours and winds are expected to pick up as well.

The showers will add to the region’s rainfall surplus totals though as Epstein pointed out, in 2021 the surpluses were even larger than they are this water year but then the weather dried up at the start of 2022.

So far for the 2022-2023 water year starting Oct. 1, the Sacramento Downtown area has received 10.68 inches of rain, a surplus of 4.36 inches. The Sacramento Executive Airport has a surplus of 2.69 inches after 8.74 inches of rain.

Stockon has measured 9.74 inches of water, a surplus of 5.16”.

Redding is still 1.17 inches behind so far having only received 10.78 inches.