CITRUS HEIGHTS, Calif. (KTXL) — The Citrus Heights Police Department said its officers arrested a Roseville man suspected of vandalizing its local businesses. 

Police said the vandalism occurred more than once, with two businesses being targeted twice. He was identified by police as 30-year-old Philip Archuleta. 

“Many of the business victims suffered extensive losses totaling thousands of dollars to repair their large glass windows. It is estimated that the total loss to the collective businesses exceeds $500,000,” police said. 

The two businesses that were targeted on more than one occasion are located at 7700 and 5400 Sunrise Boulevard. They are a pizza parlor and ramen restaurant. 

“This guy who was dressed in black and even had a ski mask on, holding a hammer, it looks like, and making sure to break all the windows we had,” the ramen restaurant owner previously told FOX40 News.

The owner of the ramen restaurant also told FOX40 that the repeated instances of vandalism almost led them to lose their insurance coverage. 

Citrus Heights Police said its detectives and some from the Sacramento Police worked together during the investigation. 

“On September 29, 2022, Detectives from the Citrus Heights and the Sacramento Police Department served simultaneous search warrants at a residence and a business location of a person of interest in this felony vandalism series of crimes,” Citrus Heights Police said.

Archuleta was arrested on suspicion of having a stolen assault weapon and child endangerment — not in connection to the vandalism.

According to police, Archuleta ran a business named “Brothers Doors and Glass.” He allegedly did so without a contractor’s license.

Police said they expect additional charges to be made in connection to the vandalism. The charges will not be related to a hate crime. Police said they were able to determine the vandalism was not a hate crime.