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(KTXL) — Two men were convicted of first-degree murder in a case described by law enforcement as a “revenge killing,” and authorities are still searching for the victim’s body, according to a statement from the Sacramento County District Attorney’s office.

On March 17, Robert Manor and Victor Gray were convicted by a jury trial of first-degree murder in the death of Raymond Wright, with the special circumstance that the murder occurred during a kidnapping, and the two men were also convicted of kidnapping for ransom causing death.

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The killing stems from an earlier crash in which the victim was found to be at fault, and after serving time and completing probation, a “plan for revenge” against him was put into motion.

According to the DA’s office, Wright caused a crash in 2011 in which Manor and his wife were seriously injured, and “Manor held a grudge against (Wright) for years.”

On January 11, 2018, Wright mysteriously disappeared and was not seen at his Rocklin home, nor at a shop he rented in Rio Linda.

Two days later, his brother found a man inside Wright’s home. When the man fled, a soda cup and straw left behind was tested for DNA, which was later tied to Gray after a pursuit ended with his detainment.

The DA’s statement says that, later that same January, Gray led authorities on a high-speed chase that ended in a crash, and inside of his van officers found a blood-soaked raincoat, Wright’s wallet and more of his belongings.

The DA’s office says that much of the property was charred and that the blood was Wright’s.

During the investigation, authorities found a letter from Gray to Manor in which he complained “about not being paid for ‘delivering dude’ and asked Manor to take care of the person ‘who hand delivered you your revenge,'” according to the DA’s office.

 Other evidence helped connect Manor to the “revenge killing and the hiring of Gray to kidnap (Wright),” the DA’s statement reads.

Manor and Gray will be sentenced on April 28 and each face a maximum sentence of life in prison without the possibility of parole.

The Rocklin Police Department shared a message following the DA’s statement, saying, “Once again, we’re sharing in hopes that any information relating to the location of Ray Wright will come forward.”