(FOX40.COM) — Parts of a multi-use trail in Sacramento County have undergone resurfacing with more renovations expected in the future. 

Sacramento County Regional Parks recently parts of the multi-use trail near Northgate and Del Paso boulevards and in the upper Sunrise Recreation Area. 
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The improvements for these parts of the trail came from Measure A funding. 

“There were cracks and other issues with the trail, so we needed to patch them to make it a smoother trail for park users,” Sacramento County Regional Parks spokesperson Ken Casparis told FOX40.com in a phone interview. 

The resurfacing at the Northgate/Del Paso and Sunrise Recreation areas was completed sometime last week, Caparis said. 

With money left over from Measure A funds, Caparis said the county is looking into other areas that might need resurfacing. 

“I don’t know if we identified the areas that are for sure going to be resurfaced, but there a couple that we have in mind including up near fish hatchery on the eastern portion of the multi-use trail,” Caparis said. 

Where can I hike in Sacramento County?

According to Sacramento County, here are its regional parks/trails in the county: 

•Ancil Hoffman Park

•Cosumnes River Preserve

•Deer Creek Hills

•Dry Creek Parkway

•Jedediah Smith Memorial Trail

•River Bend Park

•Sacramento Bar

•Stone Lakes National Wildlife Refuge

•Waterton and SARA Access

The multi-use trail in the Northgate/Del Paso Boulevard area underwent resurfacing. Photos courtesy of Sacramento County Regional Parks.

Trail rules and regulations

Whenever walking, biking, or jogging, the county urges visitors to obey the following rules, as an accident could occur due to traffic volume: 


•Pass on the left

•Pull completely off the trail if you need to step

•Wear a helmet

•Obey all traffic signs

•Pay attention when you ride

•Ride in single file

•Follow the 15 mph speed limit

•Stay on the paved trail

•Wear forward-facing white light that is visible from 300 feet when riding in the dark


•Use the left shoulder when accessible

•Stay single file

•Keep your dog on a short leash

Other parkway traffic

•Horses are only allowed on the horse trails. Let people know when it is safe to pass your horse and wear a helmet

•Skateboards are not allowed on the parkway, but skating and rollerblading are permitted, and riders are urged to follow the same rules as bicyclists

•Motorized traffic is not allowed on the trail