Sacramento crews clear storm drains ahead of heavy rainfall

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SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — With more wet weather approaching, Sacramento city and county workers are on standby for potential flooding. 

Parts of the Sacramento area are notorious for flooding, including portions of Occidental Drive, but crews are working to make sure that storm drains are kept clear. 

Sacramento County is expected to receive several inches of rain Sunday, which is why crews are working fast to prepare for potential waters flowing into the roadway. 

“We’ve been preparing,” said Carlos Eliason, spokesperson for Sacramento Department of Utilities. “Crews have been out and about trimming trees, getting debris out of the roadway and also unclogging storm drains and making sure there isn’t debris in the storm drains that have built up over the summer.” 

“I think our biggest concern will be street flooding from clogged drains. Right now, what we want to do is get the residents in front of their homes and their business to start to clean out the drains to make sure that the water has somewhere to go, because we only want rain down the drain,” said Matt Robinson, the Sacramento County Public Information Manager. 

But in some neighborhoods, residents told FOX40 there isn’t enough work being done year-round.

“I would like them to do their job instead of letting it build up to a crisis,” said resident Portia Stewart. “Do maintenance and be proactive so that it doesn’t happen.” 

Stewart warned that the flooding is more than an eye sore, it’s dangerous. 

“When they have the water, then people are moving at a snail’s pace. But if you get someone who’s driving fast and you’re behind them, then your windshield is so full of water and mud that you can’t see out of them,” Stewart explained. 

Eliason said they’re doing the best they can considering the amount of ground they must clear. 

“We have over 100,000 trees here in the city of Sacramento, so you can imagine it’s a tall task to go around and keep those maintained,” Eliason said. 

With the storm swiftly approaching, their biggest goal is to keep roads and drivers safe. 

“We don’t want people on the roads. So, if you have to take care of any errands, take care of them now, get out of the way and try to stay out of the water once the rain starts,” Robinson advised.  

For people who see roadway flooding or drainage problems, they are asked to call 311. County and city crews are on standby to address any issues.

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