Sacramento expands fundraising for those impacted by COVID-19

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SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — In a matter of days, the novel coronavirus upended the livelihoods of countless Californians.

There will be federal, state and local funds coming to some trying to stay afloat amid the pandemic, but Sacramento wants to expand its safety net.

“I asked my colleague Jay Schenirer if he would lead an effort to galvanize all the nonprofit fundraising entitites in Sacramento, bring them under one banner so that we could raise hundreds of thousands of dollars, if not more,” Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg said.

City Councilmember Jay Schenirer answered with, intended to provide an urgent response, allocating help to feed, house and keep people in business. Donors will be able to choose where their money goes.

“So if you want to support those who are unhoused, if you want to support individuals and their families, if you want to support and help us grow our small business loans, if you want to help nonprofits and organizations, or if you’re willing to just say, ‘I will donate the money and figure out where it will best be used,'” Schenirer said.

Organizations that will distribute the money include United Way, the Center at Sierra Health Foundation and the City of Sacramento’s Small Business Relief Fund.

“We will be transparent about how we do this,” Schenirer said. “Sierra Health and the city will both have a website to show which will show where every dollar is going.”

The fund launched over the weekend with $340,000 in donations from a handful of companies.

Donors don’t have to give in large sums. Organizers ask people to contribute in any way they can. 


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