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SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — A fire at a home on Presidio Street killed two people and left a woman in critical condition Sunday morning.

FOX40 spoke with the brother of one of the victims.

Thomas Abila said he had left the house just 15 minutes earlier before he got the call that a fire had started inside.

“The whole house was on fire and people were trying to get out,” Abila recalled. “Because there were bars on the windows. There’s bars all the way around.”

Sacramento Fire Department Capt. Keith Wade said a passing ambulance spotted smoke coming from the house and called it in.

“That ambulance crew kicked in the front door, found a victim. Quickly removed a female victim from the fire,” Wade said.

“They rescued her. And the other two males were inside the house. They went in there and did CPR on them guys. But I guess they weren’t able to make it,” Abila said. “They did the best they could. They were doing CPR in the room when the fire was still going. They were trying.”

Abila’s 42-year-old brother was one of the two men inside.

“He’s the one that passed away, sad to say,” Abila said. “Sad, sad, sad.”

Wade said the fire is still under investigation, although they don’t believe it was criminal or arson in nature. 

He said investigators are leaning toward it being accidental.

The bars may have played a role in preventing the men from getting out.

“In the event of a fire, they can be very burdensome and troublesome for occupants trying to exit the building. And in this case, in this fire, that might very well be what happened this morning,” Wade said.