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SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) – Clean-up crews were busy Monday clearing the damage from a fire that charred more than 130 acres along the American River Parkway.

An arborist came out to inspect the burned trees.

“Trees that were deemed damaged and/or dead from the fire, they’re going to bring those down because over time they start to dry and rot out. And what we don’t want is people walking along the river or along the bike trail and have one of these trees come down,” explained Sacramento Fire Department Assistant Chief Scott Williams.

Sacramento fire crews were working all Sunday night into Monday.

“It was contained but we had to make sure we got all the hot spots out,” Williams said.

Williams says the fire was one of many along the American River Parkway in recent weeks.

“This entire property is around 450 acres. So, it’s not unusual to have fires here. But what’s really unusual this year is how soon we had them. We usually don’t see these fires until late July, August into September. But to have them at the end of May and into June is really unusual and it shows you how dry the area is,” Williams said.

The fires are not just impacting wildland.

An apartment complex at the end of Spanos Court was on the other side of the levee where a fire burned last week.

The families who live there say they have cause for concern due to the risk of burning embers being carried by the wind onto the apartments.

“It’s super scary. I actually thought that maybe the flames would jump over because it’s so dry over there also as well,” resident Joy Lenox told FOX40.

Lenox says the fire across the levee from her apartment was the final straw.

“And I have kids,” Lenox said. “So, it’s scary, you know. I’m actually moving because of that fire right there. So, I want to be safe.”

Sunday’s fire near Cal Expo was equally frightening for people staying in the RV park just over the levee from the flames.

“I was sitting here. And then I started to see the billowing smoke,” said RV park visitor Tami Vines.

Vines told FOX40 many RVs pulled out of the park, and they were ready to go as well.

“It was scary. It was very billowy, and it was very smoky. But these guys stayed with us all night long,” Vines said pointing to the firefighters. “They’ve been here, they haven’t left.”

Investigators are looking into what started the recent fires, but they say they were caused by people.