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Homeless protesters continued their vigil outside Sacramento City Hall as a homeless sub-committee of the council looks for solutions to the city’s chronic homeless problem.

Protester Muhammed Abughannan, who has been arrested numerous times during the occupation, said police once again warned protesters to keep clear of the porch area of city hall Monday night during the rainstorm.

“They come at certain times when people are asleep and intimidate them and get them to go out in the rain,” Abughannan said.

Homeless protesters were taking shelter in the same areas during the day.

A police officer directed a resource person called a “navigator” to come by so that those in need of help could get services and gave out a dispatch number to call if someone else was in need of aid.

But city officials say police will continue to enforce the city’s controversial no camping ordinance.

Protesters say they want input into what had been termed a task force on the homeless, but city council member Jay Schenirer said it was actually a committee of council members.

“We’re going to ask for representatives of the group outside about proposals they may have, so everyone will be involved in this, and everyone will be engaged, but there are no slots for anyone,”  Schenirer said.

Protesters say the simple way to avoid confrontations with police is to rescind the ordinance, but city officials have repeatedly said that will not happen.

The homeless sub-committee has said it will look at successful solutions to homeless issues in other cities, including those that have set aside designated areas for the homeless to camp.