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SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) – The city of Sacramento launched the Sacramento Get Vaccinated campaign this week and groups are already getting on board for the cause. 

“It aims to get people vaccinated,” explained Lynette Hall, the city of Sacramento’s Community Engagement Manager. “So this is not about awareness, this is an action campaign. We are aimed at getting people vaccinated.” 

When looking at the county’s vaccination tracker, there are specific communities where people have been less likely to get out and get vaccinated – those numbers mirror the communities with the most cases.

The city says it wants to find representatives to go there and get those vaccination numbers up. 

“We still have over a third of our residents not vaccinated, a lot of whom are African American and Latino residents,” Hall said. “And so this is a very highly targeted, very specialized campaign.” 

Some of those targeted areas include the zip codes – 95815, 95820, 95838, 95814 and 95826. 

Rick McPhearson, the founder of the SACTO Foundation, said he thinks this is a great opportunity for organizations to step up. 

“My organization, we are the people that we’re trying to reach and if you look at the map, it shows the lower vaccinated populations or those are probably lower socioeconomics,” McPhearson said. “So you take the guy in a suit and you take them into that, that that community, he’s not going to do too well. But if you take community based organizations, they look like the community.”

“They will probably be more successful in getting the information into the community’s hands and promoting vaccinations,” he continued. 

The city says it will track the success of the outreach by how many people from those areas are getting vaccinated going forward and, if selected by the city, organizations have to put that funding directly toward that outreach and getting people vaccinated. 

“If you’re within those areas, then put your best foot forward and help out,” McPhearson said. “Come and get the stipend. If you really come and get the stipend don’t just chase money. Chase results.” 

On top of the $2,500 to $5,000 available for organizations, the city said it may also help with social media marketing and give organizations the boost they may need. 

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