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SACRAMENTO — The Sacramento man beaten by a police officer in a viral video has filed a lawsuit against the officer, the city and the county.

The lawsuit claims Nandi Cain Jr. was racially profiled, had his throat grabbed, was thrown to the ground and was punched around 20 times in the face and head.

“Racism is still alive. And you would think that it was 2017, it would die,” Cain said.

The suit also identifies the officer in the incident as Anthony Figueroa. Sacramento Police previously said he had been with the department for two years.

“I don’t think he [officer] should be able to work again. I think he has an issue, he was very aggressive and I don’t think the police department needs aggressive people,” Cain said.

Sacramento Police say Cain was stopped for jaywalking in the Del Paso Heights area on April 10. Cain was arrested for resisting arrest and an unrelated misdemeanor warrant out of Fresno County. The department maintains the 24 year old had refused to stop walking for the officer for some time and that the removal of his coat and low show of hands amounted to assuming a fighting stance — something Cain denies.

Despite that, the Sacramento Police Department called the officer’s actions “unacceptable.”

Cain’s lawsuit alleges he was denied medical care at the Sacramento County Jail, and deputies were physically and verbally abusive.

“It’s been very overwhelming. I haven’t been able to sleep. Haven’t been eating regularly,” Cain said.