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SACRAMENTO — Cell phone video captured the moments the FBI showed up to a Sacramento man’s home Monday afternoon.

Kevin Boltz was prepared and used his cell phone to start streaming the encounter live.

“I saw them through my window,” he said. “So, I immediately knew, ‘Oh, this is the FBI.'”

When three members of the FBI knocked on his door he is heard in the video asking them if they have a warrant. He refuses to speak with them when he is told they do not.

Then Boltz asks why they’re there.

“Just statements you made at the Sacramento City Council meeting,” an agent says. “We just wanted clarification. There was just a complaint.”

The day after more than 80 people were detained at a Stephon Clark protest in East Sacramento, Boltz went before city council members with some passionate and heated comments. His strong words for city leaders at the March 5 council meeting went viral.

“This city’s gonna burn in the next 30 to 60 days if you don’t shut up and listen,” Boltz said to the council members.

“In my opinion, I did not threaten anyone,” he said Monday. “I did not say, ‘I’m going to do these things.’ I was warning them.”

Boltz stood by his statements and his right to express himself.

“I went to a meeting and I expressed the frustrations of my community,” Boltz told FOX40.

In a statement, the FBI said, “While we cannot offer comment about any specific matter or ongoing investigation, the FBI must investigate reports it receives.”

“I guess they have to follow up on that but at the same time it’s like is that really what you need to spend your Monday afternoon doing? There’s a lot of worse things going on,” Boltz said.

Boltz told FOX40 he plans to continue expressing himself in front of city leaders despite the one-minute interaction with the FBI.

He said he plans to be at Tuesday’s city council meeting and if he has the opportunity to speak his mind, he will. However, he said he plans to be a bit more cautious.