Sacramento Man Says He Ran Over Bat-Wielding Attacker with Car Out of Self-Defense

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Shocking cell phone video shot on a Sacramento street last week seems to show  a driver deliberately hitting a man on foot.

Now that driver says the tale of the tape isn't the entire story.

"It was self-defense," said Jamez Keys, when asked why he ran the man over.

Keys says what he did was self-defense against a bat-wielding, unknown aggressor who appeared mentally disturbed or high.

"When he hit this window, I threw the hammer at him.  He blocked it and then he hit this window," said Keys, pointing to the shattered rear windshield of his Ford Tempo.

According to Keys,  the kind of battle royale he never could have imagined in his own neighborhood started as he drove down Juliesse Avenue on Friday.

He was taking his girlfriend to an appointment when someone threw something at his car.

"And I asked him 'why did you throw something at my car?' I didn't even get out my car yet, and he came at my car. And I was like 'dude what are you doing? Why are you storming at my car?' Then he went back into his house to get a bat. I'm thinking he's getting a gun. I tried to get in the car and before I could, he's already back out, coming at me with the bat," described Keys.

"I was panicking. I didn't know what to do. My boyfriend was telling me to get back in the car, didn't know what to do, except call 911," said Keys' girlfriend, Onjolique.

While she dialed, Keys grabbed the hammer he normally keeps in his car for protection and threw it.

That, after investigators say Patrick Ryan Hicks landed a bat strike to Keys' back passenger window -- right next to where Keys' two-year-old son Jaceon would have been sitting if he hadn't decided to leave him at home that morning.

Keys said Hicks began hitting and biting him, pulling his shirt off before Keys ran back to his car.

"And I'm just like screaming, and I see the guy walking toward me, and he had the bat in his hand swinging it, walking toward us. And he's almost gonna hit my side of the window, so I'm like 'go, go, go, go, go,'" she said.

That's when the couple said Hicks charged the car, and they hit him as they tried to get away.

Hicks' relatives at his home wouldn't speak about this incident on camera Monday, saying off-camera that he's a good father, music promoter and pilot, calling him a "stand-up guy."

A criminal records search shows the 34-year-old has stood up a lot -- in court.

He's been arrested at least seven times in the last 10 years, mostly for DUI, possessing pot and meth, and resisting arrest.

Now he'll have to answer to a new count against him for drug possession and a charge of assault with a deadly weapon for all that allegedly happened on Juliesse Avenue.

Relatives say Hicks was released from the hospital Monday and is now behind bars in lieu of more than $85,000 bail.

He's due in court Tuesday on a case from 2015.

In addition to dealing with what they say was a frightening random attack, Keys and his girlfriend are now without a car.

She was about to start a new job in daycare downtown, but the axle on the Tempo is badly damaged and two windows are smashed.

They'd just bought that car four months ago.


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