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AUBURN, Calif. (KTXL) — An observant Home Depot loss prevention officer helped catch a Sacramento man, suspected of using counterfeit money, the Placer County Sheriff’s Office said.

“Our dispatch center received a call from Home Depot’s loss prevention. And loss prevention had stated they witnessed a male passing off several counterfeit hundred dollar bills,” said Angela Musallam, with the sheriff’s office.

Investigators said the man used $500 in counterfeit bills to purchase various items. 

“People coming in with counterfeit money then purchase a really cheap item at the stores, so they can get highest in value of real money back,” Musallam said.

After searching his car, they found more $100 bills along with several grams of methamphetamine, investigators said.

That incident two weeks ago wasn’t the first time Home Depot in Auburn was hit with counterfeit bills.

Back in March, deputies arrested a couple for using hundreds of dollars of fake money to buy items during several trips in and out of the store.

Deputies said the couple committed the same crime in several stores across Placer County.

“I think people come to Placer County and think they can get away with certain crimes. But the message that we want to send out to everybody is that that’s not the case. This is a county that holds all criminals accountable,” Musallam said.