SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — Of the dozen cars parked in front of Sacramento City Council member Sean Loloee’s home, none of the cars are registered to the District Two Council member, according to the DMV.

“Hell no, I have never seen the dude before,” said a resident who asked to only be identified as Bob.

Bob, a thirty-year resident of Nogales Street in North Sacramento, said what he thinks about the increasing questions about where Loloee lives.

“Yeah I’ve seen him on TV, but I ain’t never seen him,” Bob said.

Loloee is registered to vote at his Hagginwood neighborhood address, the same one he used when he ran for office in 2020, and the same one he has voted from as recently as the June 7th primary.

But a visit to the home from, The Sacramento Bee, turned up a tenant. The paper reports, “a man told The Bee he was renting the house from Loloee with his son.”

Sacramento City Council District 2 includes the Northern Sacramento areas of Del Paso Heights, Hagginwood and Robla.

But questions persist about whether Loloee actually lives at a Granite Bay home his wife purchased in 2016, last assessed at $1.5 million dollars by Placer County.

Loloee previously told the Sacramento Bee the Granite Bay home has been vacant for two years, but some neighbors claim to have seen, “Maryam and the kids here regularly for about a year—Loloee’s wife Maryam has been registered to vote at this address since May of 2021.”

“I think it is important for him, for the public, for his constituents to hear his side,” Mayor Darrell Steinberg said.

According to the Sacramento city charter, to be eligible to run for and hold office a person “…shall be an elector and a resident in such member’s council district for not less than 30 days preceding the date of candidacy and election or appointment… and must continue to reside in such council district during the term of office.”

“We take this very seriously and we’re looking into it,” Sacramento City Counselor Katie Valenzuela said.

News reports and constituent concerns have led the Sacramento City Council to call for answers. The Sacramento City Clerk said that they used voter registration records to confirm Loloee lived in the correct district. The registrar’s office said it’s up to the voter to be honest about their main address. Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg last week asked Loloee for a report on where he has lived.

The mayor followed that up with a letter calling on Loloee to agree to an independent investigation.

“I’m writing today as a colleague and as your mayor to ask you to agree to my request for an independent fact-finding inquiry to resolve questions about your residency. Your agreement would allow me to avoid asking the City Council formally to initiate the same process. I am prepared to do so this week if necessary. I hope it is not necessary.”

Mayor Darrell Steinberg

Meanwhile, some constituents are calling for swift action to have him removed and replaced with someone who lives there.

“The question of vacating a seat is a very serious question that voters have voted in that person, to go around that is a very big deal so I know we’re all taking this very seriously,” Valenzuela said.

Loloee issued this statement Tuesday evening:

“I believe this matter should be brought to the full council for a vote and be determined by my colleagues, understanding that this decision is not solely up to the Mayor or me. 

The mayor has seen every inch of my home, including where I sleep, work, and collect my mail. I can provide that opportunity to every councilmember, and I am already in full cooperation with the city.

I acknowledge the comments I made regarding my swearing-in location were inaccurate. But the public and my colleagues should know that while I did not handle this situation as articulately as I could, my primary focus was to ensure the safety and privacy of my family.

I look forward to this matter being fully resolved in the near future.”

Council Member Sean Loloee