SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg discussed the gun violence that erupted in downtown Sacramento early on the Fourth of July morning.

“We’ve increased our police presence downtown, there’s a more active police presence yet these incidents are random you just don’t know,” Mayor Darrell Steinberg said.

Sacramento is looking to take a date driven approach to reducing crime, according to Steinberg and Police Chief Katherine Lester.

Lester laid out her plan for violence prevention and intervention three weeks ago after the April shooting downtown that killed six people.

“We are all still reeling from the senseless act of violence and must do everything we can to prevent those attacks in the future,” Lester said.

Homicides have increased 70.5% in Sacramento from 2019 to 2021. One of Lester’s plans is to address the violence that is paying community groups for intervention and prevention.

“We have just allotted the money, I know there are meetings this week to make sure we don’t have any gaps in terms of our summer coverage,” Steinberg said.

Voice of the Youth is one of the eight organizations getting those funds.

“You can’t just fall this on one organization one individual, one community, this is national problem,” said Berry Accius, Leader of Voice of the Youth.

Accius said that solving the problem of violence is going to take more than community partnerships.

“Those who have been doing the work have done the work with or without money so a little bit of change doesn’t actually help, we have to change people’s mindsets,” Accius said.

Meanwhile, Steinberg said that he wants to explore the logistical changes that could possibly prevent mass shootings around the nightclub scene.

“Is there a way to stage the dispersal of people in these clubs so there aren’t so many people in one place at one time,” said Steinberg.

Despite this morning’s violence, Steinberg believes overall the city is taking the correct approach.

“How many violent acts were prevented because we’ve had additional presence over these last number of months in our downtown, we just have to keep at it,” Steinberg said.