SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg delivered the 2022 State of the City address Wednesday.

The mayor said the speech was different than most State of the City addresses in that he really wanted to focus on where the city will be in 10 and 20 years.

The main focus he said must be investing in our youth.

That, he said, starts with making sure the city has an account where the city can allocate $10 to $12 million specifically for youth programming.

“Plan for the future,” Steinberg said. “Invest for the future. Spend now to make sure the next generation can grow and build without worrying that our most basic physical systems might fall apart.”

He announced he and the council are set to put a measure on the ballot this November to do just that.

He promised it would not raise taxes, but instead would come from already existing cannabis tax revenue sources the city receives.

The mayor also brought up crime and acknowledged it is too high, but said he supports Chief Kathy Lester’s plan to contract with eight community based organizations to help reach at risk youth.

That, Steinberg said, will lead to a safer Sacramento council in the coming years and decades.

“If there is one area where our consistent focus, attention, creativity, and reorders today will matter the most in 2032 and 2042, it can be distilled with this credo: intersect every other city priority and agenda with empowering young people,” Steinberg said.

Part of empowering young people stars with his just announced plan to bring a state of the art $50 million sports complex to South Sacramento south of Meadowview Road. It will be paid for by hotel occupancy taxes and could break ground as early as 2024.

Steinberg said the facility is greatly needed in that part of town and will build mentorships for young people who otherwise may be sucked into a life of crime.

Steinberg noted that when it came to homelessness the city only has so much power to address the issue, but added they are doing what they can. The mayor pointed out that nSacramento has increased shelter bed capacity from 100 per night to 1100 per night.