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The Sacramento Metro Chamber’s annual Capitol-to-Capitol event will take place Oct. 25-29.

FOX40 has followed chamber representatives and guests to Washington D.C. over the last few years as some of the connections have been made to create innovative policies.

This year’s connections will happen virtually due to the pandemic, but the important thing is they will still be made.

Now is the time to unite and advocate as we transition from “What Is,” to “What Should Be.” As experts in business and our community, our legislative leaders rely on the Sacramento Metro Chamber’s voice to advocate and stand for policies that make our region not just better, but remarkable. Your advocacy is the force behind the Greater Sacramento Region in which we all thrive.

As we enter a new world with myriad uncertainties, we do know one thing for sure. Business will have a future. It will either be a future by default or a future by design. The choice is ours.

Amanda Blackwood, Sacramento Metro Chamber President and CEO

Amanda Blackwood, the Sacramento Metro Chamber president and CEO, joined Sonseeahray to discuss this year’s plan.

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