ROSEVILLE, Calif. (KTXL) — Campers at Sacramento Metro Fire’s 25th annual Kids Camp were able to get a glimpse of what firefighters have to deal with on a daily basis. 

Sixth grader Chloe Gomez, who is one of 48 campers participating, came to Roseville Fire Training Center with her peers to get a first-hand look at a firefighter’s daily experience. 

“I think really has trained me,” Gomez said. 

A huge part of Thursday’s camp in Roseville was teaching kids how to deal with real fire and to put it out. 

One of the rooms used a burn prop, which was designed to simulate a real-life scenario when a fire is around you. 

With the help of metro firefighters, kids receive hands-on experience of putting out the flames — something they appreciated.

“It was honestly really fun,” Gomez said. “The gear is really hot.” 

Youngsters also learned how to use fire extinguishers and some climbed a truck ladder that’s typically used to rescue people stuck inside buildings that are several stories high. 

Patrick Doyle, 11, was one of the campers who climbed the tall ladder. 

“I think it’s very helpful for the community,” Doyle said. 

Being helpful is exactly what Cpt. Matt Sammons wanted when he decided to dedicate his life to public service. 

Sammons was inspired when he attended the camp as a boy in 2003. 

“It really sparked my passion for the fire department and after being at camp here I really found that metro fire was where I wanted to be,” Sammons said. 

And now he’s paying it forward as these kids walk away inspired. 

“Firefighters are amazing, and I think a lot of people will grow into it and love it. I love it,” Gomez said.