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ORANGEVALE, Calif. (KXTL) — The Sacramento Metropolitan Fire District is gearing up for fire season by doing various training exercises in Orangevale as dry conditions persist into the warmer months.

“We’re practicing on a multi-agency drill in preparation for wildland season in this urban interface environment,” Capt. Dave Bare said.

The environment in the Orangevale neighborhood that they are training in is surrounded by homes, dry brush and trees that could easily fuel a wildland fire.

“We do this quite often throughout the year, but in preparation for this upcoming wildland season, we’re really ramping up our training in this area,” Bare said.

This would not be possible without help from the Sacramento County Regional Parks. While fire crews fight the flames, Regional Parks ensures that people are out of harm’s way.

“To the best of our ability, protect property. But the number one concern is to protect lives,” said Seargent Elmer Marzan, of the Sacramento County Regional Parks Law Enforcement Division.

Sacramento County said that last year there were about 170 fires in the regional parks system, and Marzan said that a majority of those fires can be prevented.

“No open fires. No campfires. Campfires are very problematic because wind kicks up, embers kick up and it causes a fire,” Marzan said.

The goal of the exercise on Tuesday is to have the fire crew prepared for any challenges during fire season.