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The Latest – Monday, Sept. 13:

Following the meeting between the family and EGUSD leaders, Pryor told FOX40 that “the Elk Grove Unified School District agreed that they didn’t have the evidence to proceed with an expulsion” of the Black student involved in the fight.

However, the student’s five-day suspension was not rescinded.

Original Story Below:

ELK GROVE, Calif. (KTXL) – The Greater Sacramento NAACP is calling out the Elk Grove Unified School District for how it disciplined a Black student.

NAACP leaders argue the district unfairly punished the student following a fight at Elk Grove’s Monterey Trail High School on Sept. 7.

Specifically, NAACP leaders said the Black 17-year-old girl was suspended for five days and recommended for expulsion, while the non-Black student – who they say started the fight – was given a much lesser punishment.

The exact terms of that punishment are not known.

NAACP leaders also allege two other girls who are seen on video fighting the Black student were given lesser punishments. They said it’s something that has happened before in the district.

“It’s clear that they treat Black students differently than non-Black students,” said Greater Sacramento NAACP President Betty Williams. “Instead of going in and making sure that all of the students are giving equal discipline, they go after the Black student only.”

Furthermore, they allege the school administrator who broke up the fight incorrectly wrote on a disciplinary form that the Black girl attacked him while breaking up the fight. They said video shows another story.

“We are calling on the Elk Grove School District to relieve the VP of his position,” said Loreen R. Pryor, President and CEO of Black Youth Leadership Project. “We want him gone.”

FOX40 reached out to the district about the incident. They could not provide details, but they said they follow due process for incidents like these and work directly with the families involved.

The district is set to hold a meeting with the family and their representatives Monday afternoon.

“We want this student immediately re-instated. We want that expulsion taken off the table, and we want them to do their damn job,” Pryor said.