SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — Sacramento was recently named of the top cities for taco lovers. 

The capital city was ranked the No. 15 taco city in the country, according to data analyzed by brokerage company Clever Real Estate. Sacramento ranks behind other California cities Riverside (No. 10), San Diego (No. 8), Los Angeles (No. 5), and San Jose (No. 2). 

San Francisco had the lowest ranking out of all Californias on the list, coming in at No. 31.

Clever Real Estate only named its top 50 cities in its rankings. Hartford, Connecticut was at the bottom of the rankings at No. 50. 

To determine the top taco cities, Clever Real Estate analyzed data from the U.S. Census American Community Survey, Roaming Hunger, Yelp, and Numbeo.

Clever Real Estate compared the U.S. 50-most populous metro areas across 36 metrics including the number of taco restaurants per 100,000 residents, the number of taco truckers per 100,000 residents, affordability of taco foods, percent of taco restaurants, and average yelp star review ratings. 

Google Trends was also accounted for to determine rankings. Data was analyzed for the following search terms: tacos, tacos near me, taco recipe, taco trucks, and taco Tuesday. 

How Sacramento got its ranking

When it came to Sacramento’s ranking, the capital city has a higher number of taco restaurants per capita than most cities, according to data. Sacramento has 3.2 taco places per 100,000 residents, making the city 60% more than the average city. 

Sacramento is one of the most passionate cities for tacos, coming in at No. 2 in that category. According to Clever Real Estate, Sacramento residents search for taco-related items 27% more than people in other cities. 

“Based on data from Roaming Hunger, Sacramento is home to 5.1 food trucks per 100,000 residents, making it a top city in California for taco lovers who want food on the go,” the brokerage company said on its website. 

In a previous study by Clever Real Estate, Sacramento came in at No. 19 for best cities for food trucks. 

Cities were also categorized as top cities for different types of tacos such as birria tacos, breakfast tacos, fish tacos, vegan tacos, tacos al pastor, barbacoa, and carnitas. 

Sacramento was one of the top five cities for carnitas, coming in at No. 4 behind Riverside (No. 3), Los Angeles (No. 2), and San Diego (No. 1).

But when it comes to expenses, Sacramento comes in at No. 5 for most expensive taco supplies with an average of $20.75. 

California vs. Texas

California and Texas were the top two states in the country when it comes to tacos, but the Golden State finished nearly ahead with one more city in the top 15. 

California had five cities finished in the top 15 while Texas had four, but the Lone Star state had a city finished in the top spot. 

Austin, Texas was named the best city in the country for taco lovers, as the city has the highest percentage of taco places more than any other metro at 7% — a 78.8% higher than average — according to the company’s study. 

San Antonio (No. 3), Houston (No. 7), and Dallas (No. 14) were other Texas cities that made the top 15.