September 24 2021 03:30 pm

Sacramento neighborhood group speaks out against city council’s housing plan

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SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) – A local advocacy group for Sacramento neighborhoods is speaking out against the Sacramento City Council’s proposed solution for building more affordable housing.

Overcrowding, lack of parking and the potential for decreased property values are just some of the issues members of the Save Sacramento Neighborhoods coalition are taking with housing proposals in the city’s 2040 General Plan.

“The last thing you want is to have a six-plex built next door to you. You don’t want that,” a member of the group said during a press conference Tuesday.

“While we acknowledge Sacramento has a housing problem, the current general plan seems to be a drastic experiment with no guardrails to protect established neighborhoods and residents,” said another coalition member.

While Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg told FOX40 he welcomes differences of opinion on this subject, he said one fact cannot be ignored: Sacramento needs more housing.

“We actually have to take our plan before the state of California and show a path to build enough housing for people of all income levels based upon the projected growth of our population and that’s exactly what we’re doing,” Steinberg explained. “The numbers don’t lie.” 

Steinberg said peoples’ concerns over affordable housing units being built in their neighborhoods are mostly based on stereotypes. 

“Workforce affordable housing means giving more people the opportunity to live everywhere in Sacramento,” Steinberg said. “And also ensure that what we build, the fourplexes that we allow to be built, are of quality.”

However, Sacramento residents like Chris Jones told FOX40 that solving the current housing issue by building expensive duplexes is not the answer. 

“Sacramento wants to take bold action. This is bold action,” Jones said referring to his group’s press conference. “People don’t necessarily want to live in packed, dense neighborhoods. We need more housing and I think the best way to get that is to impose a moratorium on all the building fees and taxes.” 

Steinberg said nothing in the general plan has been finalized and he’s ready for any future debate that may follow.

“We should make Sacramento the best and most cost-effective place to build new housing in the entire state,” Jones explained. “That will do a lot more for our housing shortage than just increasing the density and walking away.” 

The housing proposal in the general plan will be discussed further during next week’s city council meeting.

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