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SACRAMENTO — Two weeks after he was shot by a man wanted in a double homicide case, Sacramento Police Officer Tim Martin is returning to duty.

Martin was shot in the torso. He called his vest “bullet-resistant” in a Facebook post showing the enormous welt it left behind.

I’ve been here 27 years, 25 years as a sworn officer. Never been shot before. Never had to shoot at anyone,” Martin said.

The suspect was on the run when Martin and his fellow officer spotted him in South Sacramento, they tried to pull him over.

Seconds later they were facing a barrage of bullets.

“The man exiting the car and turning immediately and opening fire on us,” Martin said.

The suspect started firing and another officer was hit in the leg. Martin was hit too — his body armor vest stopped the bullet.

Martin said he was shocked and couldn’t believe he had been shot.

“It was a sharp pain, very stinging pain. And I wasn’t sure right away where I was hit,” he said.

“I actually back pedaled and then I fell down and rolled to cover behind the car because I didn’t know if I was still gonna take fire,” Martin said.

Within moments, both officers and others who got to the scene shot back at the suspect and killed him.

“Immediately afterwards, I actually questioned whether or not I had returned fire, even when someone asked me if I had, I said that ‘yes I did.’ But I could no longer actually remember, for a while, the actual action of returning fire,” Martin said.

In the days that followed, the shock of such a traumatic ordeal set in.

The Police Department says in light of this shooting, they are now considering making all their police vehicle doors bullet proof.

During the two weeks at home recuperating, Martin says he’s had lots of time to reflect.

He doesn’t doubt for a second how fortunate he is to be alive.

But, he also recognizes this is tough for everyone involved.

“You don’t want to see people get killed. Very unhappy for all of us. I wish we could stop it before it happened. But unfortunately we’re responding to what happens. Can’t stop it before it happens,” Martin said.