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SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — Sacramento police and C.K. McClatchy High School officials are investigating after racist graffiti was scribbled on the walls above a water fountain station.

A picture shared with FOX40 showed the word “colored” above one fountain and “white” over the neighboring fountain.

The Sacramento City Unified School District Superintendent Jorge Aguilar called the act “racist,” “hateful” and “offensive” in a statement released Friday. 

“I am both angry and heartsick that racist graffiti was discovered on the C. K. McClatchy campus today. We take this incident very seriously. Racism and racist language will not be tolerated in our schools,” Aguilar said.

Aguilar said the graffiti was immediately removed by school staff, and he vowed to assist students and staff affected by the graffiti.

“We are concerned for the students and staff who are affected by this racist act and will provide all necessary support services for students and staff who are experiencing trauma as a result of this incident, he said. 

The district is working with the Sacramento Police Department to “fully investigate this racist incident to determine who was involved in this hateful act.”

Our district is committed to confronting racial prejudice. This offensive incident serves as another reminder that we need to have a reckoning on race at all levels in SCUSD and beyond. We will not be deterred in working to address racial prejudice and ensure that the culture and climate at our district and each of our schools is inclusive, supportive, culturally competent, and equitable for all students, staff and families.

Jorge Aguilar, Sacramento City Unified School District Superintendent