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SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) – A Sacramento police officer is on leave following accusations that he recorded video of women without their consent.

Folsom police said Sacramento Police Department officer Benjamin Gray, who has been with the department since 2015, is accused of video recording adult women during intimate settings without their knowledge over the past three years.

During their investigation, officials said they found images of potential victims.

“I would say I was somewhat shocked,” said one Folsom woman who wished to remain anonymous. “It’s kind of scary that I was sleeping with him, potentially recorded, and there’s a lot of other girls who were probably in the same exact time frame as me.”

The woman told FOX40 she reported her interactions with Gray to police Wednesday night. She said she recalls him bragging about his position.

“Talking about how he’s a law enforcement officer, how much money he makes, how many cars he has,” she said.

Another woman, Julie Brown, said she met Gray about four years ago while she worked in downtown Sacramento.

“He would be texting me constantly,” Brown said. “If I wasn’t responding, it would be, ‘why aren’t you texting me back?'”

Shortly after, Brown said she stopped speaking with him.

I’m glad that I trusted my gut,” Brown explained. “Sometimes I don’t always do that, but with this one, there was just something inside me screaming at me like something’s not right here.”

Both women said they’re concerned someone in a position of power could be capable of this behavior.

“There’s no excuse or I’m sorry that can ever be good enough for the people that he has affected and the people he has hurt,” Brown said.

While Folsom police are urging other women to contact them regarding their relationships with Gray, the director of the California Victims Legal Resource Center, Mariam El-Menshawi, said they will be here to support anyone who comes forward.

“There are resources for these victims, and we can provide them with assistance. We can provide them with representation, explain their legal rights to them,” El-Menshawi explained. “Help them apply for victim compensation.”

The Sacramento Police Department said Gray has been on leave since last month due to a criminal investigation.

FOX40 contacted Gray’s union for reaction to the allegations, but the president did not want to comment.