Sacramento Police Releases Video of Golden 1 Center Break-In Incident

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SACRAMENTO — Lots of people can’t wait to rush into the Golden 1 Center, but only Mario Matthews has done it while slipping past a window washer and through an open arena door at 3:30 in the morning.

Newly-released surveillance video shows some of the dancing around Sacramento police say the 39-year-old did on the Kings’ court July 2nd after getting into where he shouldn’t have been.

“Hey buddy….knock it off,’ one officer shouts at Matthews in one of the recordings.

A total of 23 officer body cam, surveillance and radio clips just made public by the Sacramento police department show when the chase turned serious.

Matthews is seen struggling with and kicking at the Allied Universal Security staff contracted to protect Golden 1 – the first to try to detain him.

“Are there any teeth around? He’s bleeding from the mouth,” says one city officer to an Allied employee.

That employee responds, “we took him down pretty hard.”

Sacramento police brought city firefighters in to address those injuries once they took over the scene from Allied security guards who called for help with a man they said was behaving erratically and acting high.

Police added black straps called max restraints to the handcuffs already on Matthews to limit his thrashing.

“Prohibits the person from…yeah…being able  to kick or utilize their feet in hurting others,” said Sacramento Police Officer Marcus Basquez.

Quickly much of what had been put onto Matthews to restrain him had to be removed as released video shows the condition of the once-thrashing trespasser prompting emergency responders to start CPR and rush him to the hospital.

Basquez says Matthews was alive when he was transported.

Police say hospital administrators notified them that Matthews died two days later on the 4th of July and it was reported as an in-custody death because the Golden 1 incident was still under investigation when he passed.

Representatives for Allied Universal Security have yet to respond to our request for comment about what can be seen and heard on video.

Sources within Golden 1 management assure FOX40 that steps have been taken to address what happened.

No one would provide comment on camera or any quotable explanation.


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