Sacramento Residents Distraught after Finding Mutilated Cats in Their Neighborhood

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SACRAMENTO — Through tears, a woman recalled finding parts of her beloved cat strewn about her Sacramento neighborhood.

“Today I found … I was walking and I found his legs a couple blocks away,” Nancy Olson told FOX40 Thursday.

Blue was the furry love of her life for the last 10 years but two weeks ago the veteran Parkwood Estates wanderer left home and didn’t come back on his own.

Olson and her son found parts of him near a school. He has now been lovingly buried in their backyard.

“It’s really so hard to wrap your mind around someone doing that to an animal and I think the hardest thing for me was how horrific the last few moments of his life were,” Olson said.

It’s a horror she said other neighbors have shared as they’ve found pieces of house cats on Oxbow Drive and near the intersection of Venus Drive and Cottage Way.

“It’s just been so hard that he suffered such a tragic death. And so it was a very clear cut, so it wasn’t a coyote. It wasn’t another animal,” Olson said.

As convinced as Olson is that Blue was killed by a human, Sacramento County Animal Control was convinced the losses were part of a familiar seasonal pattern.

“They were disemboweled and that’s what the coyotes actually really prey on is the insides of the animals,” said Janna Haynes with Sacramento County Animal Control. “We’re in cub rearing season right now and cubs go out and about and they do kill cats and it looks like a human could do it. They may slice them horizontally or diagonally. They could decapitate them. They could cut them in half.”

Those types of injuries match what Olson and her neighbors have seen on their streets.

The green belt around the nearby school is just enough for coyotes to creep in on the hunt, according to animal control.

With those seasonal slayers on the move, experts advise that all cats should be kept inside.

So far no surveillance video has surfaced that depicts any of the cat killings. Without a witness to a human mutilating a pet in the area, animal control remains confident coyotes are to blame.

Department officers do encourage homeowners to report anything suspicious.


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