Sacramento School Changes Name of ‘Father-Daughter’ Dance to be More Inclusive

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SACRAMENTO — It’s a tradition Patrick Kuske remembers being a part of.

“I’ve had girls I’ve taken to the Father-Daughter Dance, and I enjoyed it very much,” he said.

It’s wasn’t until recently the PTA president heard concerns the Crocker/Riverside Elementary School’s Father-Daughter Dance and Mother-Son Hike aren’t traditions everyone cherishes.

“We got a request from a couple parents to be more inclusive and change the name,” said Kuske.

The school now wants to redefine the PTA fundraising events. The Father-Daughter dance will be promoted as a family dance.

“However the child wants to define their family, whoever they want to bring with them they’re able to do that,” said school principal Daniel McCord.

The goal is to be more welcoming of the diverse families at Crocker/Riverside.

“It’s not just about making money for the school, it’s about having a good time and getting people together at the same time,” said Kuske.

McCord is on board. He said the change is used as a teaching moment for students.

“When they walk into their house it’ll look different than mine, and we want to embrace that and learn from it,” he said.

McCord said there hasn’t been any push back. Many families are supportive and appreciative.

The Sacramento City Unified School District said the school board will meet April 7 to review gender-related issues to determine whether or not to change guidelines across the district. Issues include father-daughter dances and the transgender bathroom policy.

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