Sacramento Sheriff Defends Immigration Reform Plea, Calls Out President Obama

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One day after the YouTube release of a pointed video letter to President Obama about immigration, Sacramento County Sheriff Scott Jones has more than 57,000 Facebook views, more than one hundred emails and calls and some equally pointed critics.

Since he called out the president directly in his video and quoted Ronald Reagan, FOX40 asked Sheriff Jones, if his comments were really some kind of democratic attack.

"I wanted this to not  be a political fact I blamed congress for plenty," Jones said.

In one clip from the video about the Immigration Customs Enforcement, known as ICE, Jones said, "Mr President..they don't need a raise  to improve morale in that organization. They need to be able to be allowed to do their jobs."

There was other tough talk for the president as well.

"It is your singular failure alone why we do not have reform," Jones said in the video.

Many dispute that the sheriff's only agenda is to make America safer.

"I think the tenor of the video, which is long and somewhat rambling, frankly isn't the kind of respectful dialogue that's going to provoke the kind of action that we need when it comes to immigration," said Kevin Johnson, the Dean of the UC Davis School of Law.

But, dialogue is what Jones says he's after, the kind he believes his constituency in Sacramento County gives him the ability and responsibility to address in bold ways.

Leading off Jones' video letter to President Obama was a reference to the October 24th murders of one of his deputies and a Placer County deputy at the hands of an undocumented immigrant who had been removed from this country at least four times.

"Two weeks ago today, I had the unfortunate distinction of burying one of my deputies.  His name was Danny Oliver," Jones said to Obama.

FOX40 asked Jones why he made these statements now since the immigration reform is not a new battle.

Jones offered that he's held these views on immigration for some time, but said the killing spree of the man known as Marcelo Marquez was a unique catalyst.

"I also made a promise to Deputy Oliver's widow that I would take on this issue," he said.

"I think it's actually irresponsible to try and make political hay out of a human tragedy," Johnson said.

With one day between Jones' YouTube letter and the president's planned address on immigration, Jones did not get any response back from the White House.

Obama is likely to take executive action on amnesty for some of the country's 12 million undocumented immigrants Thursday night.

Though Jones has no specific plan to reform the current system, he says he disagrees with amnesty because it gives special consideration to immigrants who happened to have had children while in this country.


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