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Slavic-American communities in Sacramento are getting into fights here over fights between Slavic communities in Russia.

“Today in the meeting with the Sheriff, someone said, ‘We hate Russians here in the United States.’ and I said, ‘That’s not a fair comment to say,'” Executive Director of Sacramento’s Slavic Community Center Florin Ciuriuc said Thursday

Ciuriuc has family both in Russia and in Ukraine.

“Personally, Ukraine is my father’s land. I care so much about what’s going on there,” Ciuriuc said.

He asked Sacramento County Sheriff Scott Jones to address local Russian communities today in Sacramento.

“I mean its a challenge for us. We recognize that. And so we tread lightly,” Jones said.

Jones met with local Slavic community members for two hours today.

Ciuriuc said local Slavic community members are frustrated with what they see in Russia, and have not had a voice. This meeting, he said, gave them a voice.

Jones said the community members addressed their concerns that the heated arguments may turn violent.

“Just that it’s gotten to pushing and shoving. Heated discussions. Heated discussions on the radio and social media,” Jones said.

Florin wouldn’t speak about specific cases.

Members of local Slavic communities told FOX40 people have heard rumors of aggressive messages in their churches, and on Slavic radio programs. Some said they considered this to be anti-Russian propaganda, some of it pushing locals to protest.

“That’s where the arguments start. That’s where the arguments can go to a different level. What’s happening over there. There’s nothing we can do to fix it,” Ciuriuc said.

Ciuriuc said some locals have protested at the state capitol building. Those protests, he said, remained small and peaceful. He wants future discussions in his community to remain that way.

“I want my community to focus on a peaceful resolution. To live like a Slavic-American community,” Ciuriuc said.