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SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — A Sacramento State student became a world champion by competing in the classic card game, Uno.

The simple, classic card game is taking 20-year-old Aldwin Rodriguez to new heights.

“I have heard from relatives I haven’t spoken to in years that are congratulating,” Rodriguez told FOX40.

The third-year mechanical engineering student is getting used to his newfound fame.

“It’s a surreal experience,” Rodriguez said. “I am the first to have ever done this.”

Earlier this month, Rodriguez was crowned the first-ever Uno world champion at a tournament in Las Vegas celebrating the game’s 50th anniversary. The goal of the game is to rid yourself of your cards as fast and efficiently as possible.

“It’s luck, but it’s controlled luck,” Rodriguez explained.

Nearly 2 million people competed this past summer for the title with more than 50 players getting the invite to Las Vegas, but Rodriguez was the last uno standing.

“It has been two weeks at this point, I try to live normally,” Rodriguez said. “All of the sudden, everyone thinks they are Uno masters. Just random people start approaching me and challenging me.”

It’s a challenge he welcomes. But this Thanksgiving, he’s not planning to challenge any of his family members.

He did, however, offer advice to people who are playing this holiday season.

“Not to use your action cards, like your skips and wilds too early. Use them to direct the flow of the game,” Rodriguez advised. “People tend to use wild cards really early when they should be saving them towards the end.”

Rodriguez won a $50,000 grand prize and he said he’ll use it to support his family.