SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — Athletes and coaches in the Sacramento City Unified School District are in disbelief their season is being affected by a disagreement between the teachers, support staff and the district.

“I support the teachers, but it also sucks because like, we were working really hard to like be better and get our times. And now we don’t get to do that anymore,” said Alexa Santiago, a Kennedy High School senior.

Alexa Santiago is an athlete for the school’s swim and water polo team, and she told FOX40 they’ve already had to cancel one swim meet this week and back out of an invite this weekend.

The team’s coach said the situation feels like déjà vu.

“On Tuesday, the last day of practice, one of my seniors was like the last time they told us that we were going to go away for school we didn’t come back for a year and a half. That comment got me,” said head coach Annie Santiago.

For some seniors, this season is their last chance to earn an athletic scholarship.  

“Basketball, volleyball, like all those sports, track are even happening right now. And I know that a lot of people like need scholarships to go to college, and now they’re just missing out on all those opportunities to be seen,” Alexa Santiago explained.  

With no meets, no games, no practice, the coach said she’s feeling helpless in providing competition or even a place to practice for their athletes.  

“My kids work so hard to get back to where they started and we’re finally getting back in shape. And then it’s another break,” Annie Santiago said.

Alexa Santiago said she’s hoping the strike ends soon so they can get back to business.

“I would personally like to see them come making an agreement soon so that like no more things have to get canceled, like swim and basketball and even marching band, winter drumline, like all those are just being canceled right now, and I would like for them not to be, for the kids and all of us missing out,” Annie Santiago said.

With school being out and athletes not even able to practice on the school facilities, some athletes are taking to local parks to get their exercise and training in.