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SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — Friday almost certainly was not the first time Grant Union High School students were warned about the dangers of driving under the influence.

But it was likely the first time they watched someone be sentenced for that crime.

That defendant agreed to have her sentencing for a first-time DUI moved from a Sacramento courtroom to the high school.

It was part of a collaboration with the Sacramento County District Attorney’s Office, courts and school to hopefully teach the students a lesson they won’t soon forget.

“When I was in a vehicular homicide unit, over half my caseload was people who were on their first DUI that actually killed somebody or seriously injured somebody,” said Kelly Clark with the DA’s Office. “So, it is a life-altering experience and it’s something that is so preventable.”

Mario Fox, who oversees the Criminal Justice Magnet Academy, said he believes seeing the decision to drink and drive end with a criminal sentence will make an impression on his students.

“It increases the learning curve and it makes it more real to them,” Fox told FOX40.

The defendant will get a portion of her court fee reduced and a day off her sentence in exchange for sharing her story.

“I mean, she is making something good happen here today,” Clark said.