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Sacramento City Unified School District teachers rallied Thursday night to address what they call a “hiring crisis.”

Tensions were high as teachers and parents came face to face with the school board. What was intended to be a small meeting was packed wall-to-wall.

Hundreds of teachers and parents came to protest.

In the midst of what they call a hiring crisis, teachers and parents wanted their voices heard.

One teacher voiced her frustration that her child wasn’t receiving adequate attention due to the lack of resources.

“Teachers need support, they need people that will help them educate my child and many others in your board. How many children in your district do you have that are just warm bodies in seats?”

The board was met with cries for more credentialed teachers and more diversity.

“Sacramento is the capital of California, and we are very diverse. There should be no reason that the diversity is not in the school district, as well,” said another teacher.

Hundreds came out to the meeting, saying they need help. At one point the crowd stood in solidarity, pleading with the board for resources.

“When you look at our salary over the last two years compared to the superintendents, we’ve seen a 3 percent increase, the superintendent has seen an 18 percent increase,” said one teacher.

Teachers say the district unfairly focuses finances on administration, to the detriment of educators, and ultimately the students.

Nikki Milevsky, the Sacramento City Teachers Association president, took the podium to address the board.

“Teachers want to be heard. They’re feeling like the school board and the district leadership is not listening to them, and they have deep concern about our students our classrooms and their needs,” said Milevsky.

The meeting ended with a statement from the board, which was met with heavy disdain.

“The school board president read a prepared speech, it was not well received by the audience,” said Milevsky. “It was very disappointing. Seeing that the district refuses to see what’s going on out there in our schools.”

Teachers say they were not satisfied with the way the meeting ended. They felt the board was disconnected from the issues at hand.