SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — While ringing in the new year, the holiday could be a difficult time for pets as fireworks and loud noises are possible year-end celebrations. 

According to the Sacramento Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, here are some suggestions to keep your pets safe during New Year’s Eve: 

  • ID: Collar, tag, and updated microchip
  • Create a calm room with soft music or television playing
  • Double-check that gates and fences are secure
  • Consider staying home with your pet 

Another tip the Sacramento SPCA suggests is writing your phone number on your pet’s collar with a Sharpie as a backup plan. 

The Yolo County Animal Services Shelter has similar tips to keep your pets safe including them having a visible ID, which is considered a priority. 

“Ensure your furry friend is wearing a visible & easy-to-read ID on their collar,” the shelter wrote in a Facebook post. “If microchipped, ensure the contact information is up to date!”

Here are other safety tips from the Yolo County shelter, according to its Facebook post:

  • Comfort — items such as treats, blankets, or a thundershirt can help ease your pet’s anxiety during fireworks
  • Keep them inside — Keep your pets inside in a secure room or crate, especially during fireworks festivities
  • Distract — Play soft music in your pet’s area to help muffle the sounds of fireworks and other loud noises
  • Avoid — Make sure your pet doesn’t have access to fireworks, sparklers, glowsticks, or charcoal, as these items are toxic for pets
  • Exercise — Take your dog on a walk before fireworks begin to help release extra energy