SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — A new surcharge for Uber users took effect Wednesday, meaning riders will have to pay a little extra.

Rideshare drivers at the Sacramento International Airport told FOX40 they aren’t pumped about the charge.

Arash, a driver who wanted to only be identified by his first name, said he doesn’t think the fee does enough to help with the record-high prices he’s now facing when he fills up his tank.

“Uber is going to give us 55 cents per ride as a stipend, that’s not really helping,” Arash said. “It would be good if that 55 cents extra was per mile, not per ride.”

Arash said he’s now spending about $70 extra at the pump. He said, with the 10 to 15 rides he gets a day, he still has to make up the remaining $60.

Stan Whingham, another Uber driver, told FOX40 he also thinks the surcharge comes up short.

“All I know is that Uber has made an effort to give us an extra 55 cents per passenger, but that doesn’t even cut into the extra expenses we are going to incur already,” Whingham said.

Whingham said he thought the stipend would look a little different.

“Well, I just thought, initially, that it was 55 cents per mile and I thought, ‘OK, this can help, this can compensate a little bit for the extra cost,'” he said. “But then after I realized reading a little further it was 55 cents per passenger, I kind of thought it was a joke.”

According to Uber, consumers are paying 45 or 55 cents on each Uber trip and either 35 or 44 cents on each Uber Eats order depending on the location, with 100% of the funds going directly to the drivers.

The fee is expected to last at least 60 days.

Uber responded to FOX40’s requests for comment and Uber officials said they looked at a variety of different factors, including current and historical gas price data, when coming up with the surcharge amount.