SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — On World Giraffe Day, the Sacramento Zoo made an announcement about a new addition to its zoo. 

In a social media post on Tuesday, the zoo said one of its giraffes, Shani, is pregnant and that Glory, another giraffe at the zoo, is going to be a big sister. 

According to a blog post from the zoo, Shani’s calf is due to arrive late this summer. The calf will be the 21st -born in the giraffe herd at the Sacramento Zoo since 1964. 

When a calf is born, it’ll likely be approximately six feet tall and weigh about 143 pounds and they quickly grow to almost double their height within the first year, according to the zoo. 

“On your next visit to the zoo, swing by the giraffe deck to offer your congratulations to Shani and Chifu,” the zoo said on its website. “I’m sure Chifu would be pleased to receive those congratulations in the form of browse during one of our regularly scheuled giraffe encounters.”